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David W. Jensen

Chemical Dependence and Pornography

Have you found yourself caught in a struggle where unwanted substances and/or behaviors have become way too important in your life? Has hopelessness of ever escaping them become a common thought? Do you think that you’ve tried everything possible without success? Has employment and/or relationships been compromised, lost, or damaged? Do you feel badly about yourself or find yourself blaming others for your losses? Have you avoided seeking out help because you fear being judged by one more person?
I would like to offer help, help that involves a non-judgmental approach, where confrontation is respectful, and with a strong focus on your personal strengths and positive behaviors. You may have made mistakes and errors in judgment; everyone has. There are those who believe that certain mistakes give them license to set aside basic human respect toward others; I do not. Please contact me for an appointment through dave@therapythought.net. There is great hope available. You can do this!!!

Marriage and Couple Counseling


When two people develop and make a commitment to a relationship, often they don’t understand the challenges that naturally occur. All too often, the fairytale illusion of “happily ever after” is firmly embedded in their understanding and they are not prepared to face the reality of what it takes to bring two individuals with different personalities, perceptions, and expectations to a loving consensus. Most often, this does not occur automatically, but only through work, patience, unselfishness, and a constant commitment to enhancing and growing the relationship and the developed love and trust that caused it to initially bloom. I have an understanding of the intense pain felt as a result of relationship conflict and eventual destruction. I also know the unmeasured happiness within a loving and fulfilling commitment between two people. I know what occurs within relationships that will bring either of the above results. I know that happiness can be yours once again. Send me a message and schedule an appointment through dave@therapythought.net.

Couple Counseling
Roadblocks to Happiness


As we go through life, there seems to be as many individual roadblocks to happiness and fulfillment as there are people who find such redeeming emotions illusive. Many of these perceptions are developed over a lifetime and often remain below the level of consciousness. Therefore, they escape awareness. Feelings of negative self-esteem, depression, and anxiety are often prevalent. In other scenarios, catastrophic events invoke lasting effects of trauma. Sometimes, unimaginable loss occurs, bringing on a variety of feelings associated with grief. Whatever the circumstance, individual reactions, which are often perfectly normal and natural, occur. These emotions disrupt one’s normal routine and feel overwhelming. It is helpful to have someone to walk through the experience with you, someone to listen and help sort out and understand debilitating thoughts and feelings. I would like to help. You really do deserve happiness, and happiness is within your reach. Contact me at dave@therapythought.net for an appointment.

Family Counseling

Similar to one to one relationships, conflict occurs within entire family units with variations in personalities, personal needs, and perceptions. Only, here, we introduce a higher volume of each, which adds more complexity and challenges. Therefore, open communication is essential for the best results. Listening effectively is a crucial part of this process. Many times, certain communication styles and tendencies can produce unintended consequences and shut down open and honest interaction, by causing it to be perceived as unsafe. If individual feelings are either ignored or suppressed, communication, and therefore awareness, is brought to a halt. If enhanced understanding of one another and an increase of loving communication between family members are needed in your family, please let me help. Contact me for an appointment at dave@therapythought.net.

Family Counseling