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Welcome to TherapyThought. My name is Dave Jensen and I am an Independently licensed therapist. Sometimes life, in its twists and turns, becomes hard to manage, happiness hard to find, stress hard to bear. My hope is to help happiness and fulfillment become yours again. I believe in your ability to overcome life’s challenges and emerge with a new-found love for life and a drive toward success and happiness. I also believe in the sanctity of marriage and know the immense pain that couples encounter when devastating relationship conflict occurs. If you are experiencing more than your share of such conflict and pain, please know that there is hope to preserve your marriage covenants and return to a happy marriage. In fact, an overwhelming majority of couples who persevere and rededicate themselves to the relationship realize a renewed happiness and closeness over time. I am a member of the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists, the American Mental Health Counselors Association, and the Utah Mental Health Counselors Association. My style and philosophy reflects an accepting, respectful, and non-judgmental focus in therapy. I firmly believe in, and place emphasis on, the separation of a client’s personal identity and his or her behavior. This philosophy has given my clients a more effective base to develop an accurate self-concept and has instilled hope and motivation for positive change.


December 2, 2012Posted by Dave Jensen


Happiness and Healing Through an Understanding of Personal Identity
David W. Jensen, CMHC, SUDC

Personal identity is an often misunderstood concept. Some perceive individual roles as their identity. Others, consider specific behaviors to be such. And for still others, the haves and have-nots in their lives become the conceptualization of who they are. Over the years, in my work as a counselor, I have developed a much different understanding of personal identity than these common misconceptions. I often use this carefully considered model of identity to give my clients a much more accurate understanding of self-concept and to challenge deficits in self-esteem that have been developed over the period of many years.

We begin this life, born into an imperfect world....